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For the love of Pokémon

Hey everyone! We finally decided to start a website to share all of our collections and favorite pulls or products. I wanted to start off with a little intro about us. I'm Addalaide or Addie and Douglas and myself have been together since September 2011. We meet in our A+ class in collage in March of '11 and after the second semester in September quickly stuck together and haven't left each other's side since. Over the past 10 years the thing we share the most in common is our passion for everything that's geeky. TCG cards, Anime, Games, Figurines you name it. It only made since to create a place for us to express and share it with the world. We started with Instagram and also created a YouTube channel. We are still working the kinks out of the YouTube channel. It can be a bit intimidating doing a video but we just need to work more on it. We both have our own main interests but we both really love TCG cards like Pokémon, MTG and Dragon Ball cards. We hope you all enjoy seeing some of our collections and hearing about different things we have interests in.

-Addalaide & Doug

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