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Evolving Skies

The new set name and realest date have just been posted! This is very exciting news for everyone. We are still speculating what will be in this set but with Eevee Hero’s being realsed in Japan we can only hope it will have some of the Eevee and Eeveelution cards in this set. There has been rumors on the web that it could also be the XY Roaring Skies evolution set with throw back artwork. No matter what this set will have I know it will be an amazing set and I feel like it will be hightly sought after. Evolving Skies is set to release August 27th I would recommend finding a good reliable pre order site and jumping on this set as soon as you can. With the popularity of Pokémon not budging now is the perfect time to start looking into future investments. There is already to be a November set so if we don’t see Eevee Hero's here we still have home this year. When more updates are released we will be updating this. Hopefully we will be getting some card revealed very soon. Happy Hunting!

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